Haunted Houses and a Fun filled Graham Crackers

A really fun and easy thing to Do in early October will be to create haunted houses out of graham crackers. You can use it as a centrepiece or put it on a bookshelf or in a window screen.  it is better if you do this in the start of October since the month wears on the crackers soak in the moisture from the atmosphere, the crackers begin to sag, and your home begins to look very scary.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio

You will need to begin with a solid base. A cutting board or Plastic plate would work well. For each house you will need a whole box of graham crackers. Use the cardboard box the crackers came in as the foundation for your residence. Glue the crackers into the box with frosting. Royal icing is the best since it dries rock hard, but you could also use butter cream or canned frosting. Just make sure if you make your icing yourself which you make it is stiff enough to continue to the cracker. When you lift up a spoon from the icing, the icing stays up and does not fall back into itself. You may create porches and tombstones with the crackers. For the porch roof you can prop up them with pretzel sticks. For tombstones, cut into desired shape using a steak knife. Compose your tombstone message on the cracker. Do not forget to place R.I.P. forest In Peace on there.

 Squirt a few of the frosting on the lawn in Scariest haunted house in Ohio and stick the tombstone shaped cracker in it. If you like you can colour the icing to your lawn brown by placing a little cocoa powder in the icing. If you spread only the cocoa on the floor it will look like dirt. Just be careful not to place you screen somewhere that when the cocoa gets on it, it will be ruined. The loose cocoa is easily blown off. You may set the icing in a baggie. Freezer bags are better as they are thicker and would not break as easily. Cut a tiny hole at the bottom corner of the baggie so the icing can squirt out. Together with the icing in a bag the children can write their names on the tombstone or create spider webs.  It is also fun to decorate it with candies. Use your imagination.  It is better if you do this in the start of October since the month wears on, the crackers soak in the warmth from the atmosphere the crackers begin to sag and you home begins to look very scary.